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Easy meals for large groups

Cooking for a large group can be a daunting challenge. Finding ways to work smarter and not harder when entertaining a crowd can save money and make the event more enjoyable for the host or hostess. Selecting easy meals when cooking for groups is key to a successful and low-stress event. Less stress is to buy from us the perfect Italian Lasagna and enjoy it.


Planning while the intentions behind hosting a meal for a large group are certainly honourable, a little advance planning can help to avoid frustration, if not outright disaster, later on. Be realistic about your skills in the kitchen. Now is not the time to try a new recipe, no matter how simple it seems. Stick with what you know and prepare larger quantities. Select a menu that is appropriate to the occasion and fits within your budget. Preparation time and quantity must be considered as well. Always allow for ample preparation time. Decide in advance how much food should be sufficient for the occasion and then cook just a little bit more. Or order to lasagnatakeaway.com what you need.

Red Neapolitan Lasagna

Classic Lasagna
Lasagna Rossa Napoletana: symbol of italian cuisine in the world, the lasagna red is a tasty dish meal thanks to its made of meat and tomato souce.

Bolognese Lasagna

Pesto Lasagna

A classic in italian cuisine from Bologna original recipe with bolognese souce, minced meat and Parmigiano Reggiano.

vegetable Lasagna 

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Vegetables lasagna is a lighter version and colorful classic lasagna, first dish beloved by young and small. Whatever the season or occasion, this dish will enrich of colors and scents your menus or become a substantial and genuine unique dish, served in generous portions.

Nerano pasta

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Nerano Pasta is a dish made by an original recipe from Amalfi coast and it's made with fusilli pasta, zucchini vegetables and pecorino cheese. The result is something very tasty and most liked from all people that appresciate cheeses.

Vegetable & cinnamon Pasta

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Vegetable and cinnammon Pasta is a dish made from a original recipe from our chefs, made with fusilli pasta, mixed vegetables, cheese and dash cinnammon. The  taste is very very particular.

Eggplants Parmigiana 

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Parmigiana is a side dish consisting of fried eggplant first fried and then baked in oven with tomato, mozzarella and parmigiano cheese.  A seemingly dish is actually one of most popular, famous and tasty dishes in Italian culinary tradition.

zucchini Parmigiana 

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Parmigiana di zucchine: is a delicious  disch that can be served either as a main course or on its own. Courgettes parmigiana is made by a white souce and is a lighter but equally tasty alternative to eggplant.

Barley & vegetables Salad

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Barley and vegetable salad: Barley and vegetable salad  is an appetizing and nutritious alternative to a usual rice salad, with the advange that once cooked barley always manteins its consistency.

Caprese Chocolate Cake

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:

Caprese Lemon Cake 

Lasagna di verdure - Vegetables Lasagna:


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